1. Silverback Gorilla Tracking

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – a 124-square-mile UNESCO site is home to approximately 350 mountain gorillas; that’s half of the world’s remaining population. Tracking the gorillas is the main activity at Trackers Safari lodge. Visitors are guided through the forest for about an hour by a team of UWA gorilla tracking specialists and get to view the gorillas from only feet away.

 2. Hiking/Nature Walk

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‘Bwind’-meaning “impenetrable” in Runyakitara is not called so for nothing. It is a primeval forest, an ancient woodland, an old-growth forest. Extensive stands of bamboo, forest trees and thick ground cover of ferns and other growths are what earn the forest it’s name. You will trek through lianas, cross wooden bridges, skip across streams and come face to face with jaw dropping views of lush green mountains as far as the eye can see during your trek through the forest. The UWA specialists guide you through.

 3. The Batwa Pigmy Village Walk

Valley 1 Valley

The Batwa pygmies share their heritage and traditions with you on this walk through their village. Learn about their way of life and leave with a souvenir from one of the local craftsmen if you wish.

4. Birding

Bwindi is Uganda’s oldest forest and is habitat to over 350 bird species, 23 of which are native to the area. While birding in Bwindi you will see rare brids like the Blue-Headed Sunbird and the Short-tailed Warbler.

5. Golf Course by the airstrip